Ya’ll are going to seriously hate me…

…we are 99.9% done with our Xmess shopping.

Seriously. I wouldn’t lie to you.

We have to buy two gift cards and we’re done. DONE I tell ya! D O N E!!! Muahahahahahaha!

*ahem* ‘scuse me for a sec…I got all excited there…sorry ;o)

Okay so I promised you some pictures, didn’t I? Well, it just so happens that Friday was a most excellent (almost legen..dary) mail day:

My ‘Congratulations for Buying a Turkey’ order came in from Spunky Eclectic (and yes, that is a perfectly legit reason for buying fiber. dammit). Clockwise from upper Right we have Superwash Autumn, Sangria, Hot Rod and Regular wool Autumn. Yes, there is some Hot Rod missing…it might have gotten spun up just a bit ;o) No photos – they were pretty crappy.

I also may have made another teensy ‘Congratulations for Making it Through Thanksgiving Without a Breakdown and With Most of Your China Still Intact’ order on Friday…before I got this order…okay so I think I may have quite a bit of ‘Autumn’ *ahem* At least it’s pretty…

I also did a bit of knitting for this:

I decided to do preemie hats since they’re pretty quick and I have a ton of cotton tots since a co-worker decided that he did not wish to receive a baby sweater from me (he has no idea the deprivation he is putting his daughter through, none). I managed to finish one, although I think it’s a little big. I’ll work on some more tomorrow and I hope to send them out to The Preemie Project later this week.

OH I also got my Spin-Off today! W00t!

And, even MORE exciting than that…(I know, how could I possibly top a new Spin-Off)…

Bunny got her ‘Festivus’ on. I know – can you stand the excitement? ;o)

I sure can’t – I think I need a nap ;o)