Why I love Amazon.com – and RR…

After almost 8 years of being in a relationship, RR and I have become pretty pragmatic regarding things like Christmas and Birthday gifts. This means, he picks out his and I pick out mine and everybody’s happy ;o) Don’t get me wrong, we buy each other ‘surprise’ gifts and do things for one another all year long. We’ve just come to the conclusion that we don’t want the pressure of getting the ‘perfect’ gift for one another on TOP of the pressure of getting the ‘perfect’ (or ‘acceptable’ or even ‘yeah, I won’t throw it out…yet’) gift for everyone on our list. Besides, I’d rather pick mine out – means I get it early ;o) (oh, and we still get each other little gifts for Xmess day exchanging – though one year I thought I had gotten my ‘big’ gift and found a pair of earrings in my stocking. That was a most excellent Christmas).

So now that you have the ‘back story’ (as it were) – about a week and a half ago I picked out my ‘big’ Xmess gift from RR. Okay that’s kinda wrong…about six months ago I decided what I wanted and waited ’til a week and a half ago to let him know (which is HUGE. I can’t keep my mouth shut about ANYTHING once I’ve decided I want it – especially toys that I must. have). Where were we? Oh yeah, a week and a half ago RR ordered my gift from buy.com. A week after we placed the order we got an email that they didn’t have it in stock and didn’t know when they’d get it. I may have freaked just a teensy bit…it’s a lil fuzzy. He ordered another one from Amazon.com (to stop the screaming) and guess what? When they say one day shipping? THEY MEAN IT. Unlike buy.com – when they say 3 to 5 days they *really* mean 14ish. They suck.

RR, however, is the bestest guy EVER and Amazon.com is very much in favor right now.

Why? Well…first let me show you the booty for the week…then I’ll show you…IT.

First, we have my ‘made it through Thanksgiving without killing anyone’ order from Spunky (Scout – I SWEAR I will order something from you soon…now that you have roving…because God knows I don’t have enough of THAT…please don’t kill me…):

From Left to Right we have Popsicle, Lollipop, Sangria and Autumn. I’d better get spinning, eh? ;o)

OH speaking of spinning:

On the left is ‘Hot Rod’ and on the right is Merino/Tencel in ‘Autumn’. I am learning that everyone has a different interpretation of ‘Autumn’ and I’m not so crazy about some of them. This Merino/Tencel is amazing to spin and I absolutely love the colors – but I wouldn’t call it ‘Autumn’. I haven’t seen many lavender leaves – have you? Is there some special tree out there that I haven’t heard of?

Next we have the spoils from a little side trip we went on to a new store in the outskirts of Albany (don’t ask for directions, Mom – I wouldn’t have found it without either RR or a GPS, sorry):

This is for a stocking for me – last year the stocking that my Grandma T. knit me thirty-*cough* years ago was chewed through by some rotten rodent (who is lucky I didn’t catch it). Trust me, I’ve cried many tears over this and have come to the conclusion that I will be better off with a new stocking – and I will turn my ‘old’ one into something else – not sure what, but it’ll be something. Pillow, maybe?

This is just a lil skein of Adirondack Yarns sock yarn that managed to hop into the basket…have I mentioned how much I love RR? ;o)

OH….the ‘big’ gift? Just one of these:

A new Creative Zen Vision:M…shiny…and pink…*giggle* The geek in me has been giggling like an idiot since 3pm this afternoon when I ripped this puppy out of the hands of our unsuspecting UPS man (okay so he’s not that unsuspecting – I’ve attacked him before. He knows to just throw the box and run when I come out the door yelling, “GIMME!”). Dobby is very upset that I have a new toy and she has nothing. (NOTHING! muahahhahahah!) Okay she doesn’t totally have NOTHING – since SHE got a new iPod last year for her birthday. The ingrate. (I still enjoy waving the Zen at her and saying, “mmmmm….pink” – it makes her nuts *grin*) What’s REALLY cool is he got a great deal on it so it was WAY less than the listed price – YAY! ;o)

So I’ve spent the better part of the evening messing with this and now have all my music (all MY music – if I included RR’s I’d be syncing for a week. He used to be a DJ…’nuf said), a bunch of pictures and four movies on it.

The first movie I’m watching is Casablanca ;o)