Wednesday Sky…on a Saturday

I have been so very bad with my Saturday Sky posts (or lack thereof) – I’m shocked that Sandy doesn’t boot me right off the list! Wait, no I’m not, she’s so nice there’s no way she’d give me the boot, which makes me feel more guilty about not posting a sky pic over the past few weeks…

Anyway, here’s my sky:


See that wee little window? That’s where I lived when RR and I met ;o)

We’ve been having some amazing sunsets these past few weeks – not every night, just here and there, but that’s enough to make me happy :o)

Oh, and go check out how this blogger feels about comments (found through this blogger). I totally agree with her, I’d roll around in ya’ll-all’s (that’s ya’ll – plural. I told you some of my family is from West Virginia, didn’t I?) comments if I could. I appreciate every single one of them – and when I have a post that only gets a few it sends me into a two-day-long trip of self-doubt (okay maybe not two days, but it does make me wonder what I said…or didn’t say…ya know?)

Have a great weekend, ya’ll! ;o)