Sometimes a new toy…

…can really be a pain in the ass.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a rendition of ‘What I learned this Weekend’ so I think it’s about time.

This weekend, I learned…

  • … it takes 4 hours to code a 90 minute movie down to an acceptable size for a Zen Vision.
  • … it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING to finish coding said movie and find out that you forgot to check the sound settings and you have a great looking 2.5 inch tall movie with crappy 64kps sound instead of the CD-quality 196kps you REALLY wanted.
  • …still pissed about that…give me a sec…okay I’m good (for now).
  • … TiVo files are HUGE! I was playing with stuff to recode and put on my Zen when this little bubble popped up on the ‘puter that said, “you are running out of room on your hard drive, idiot. You need to delete something or your laptop is going to explode” (or something to that effect). I took a look in my doc file and lo and behold – my TiVo folder had 22gb of stuff in it. TWENTY-TWO GIG. That’s half my hard drive fer chrissakes. And that was only five episodes of Desperate Housewives and like six episodes of some show RR watches – some reality show about John Force (the guy races stuff and apparently has teenage daughters). Needless to say the TiVo folder no longer exists.
  • … deleting six episodes of the John Force reality show ‘Driving Force’ from existence leaves a gaping hole that cannot be filled in my otherwise fulfilling life. NOT.
  • … for some reason, installing Windows Media Player 11 makes BOTH CD/DVD drives disappear. Like they never existed.
  • … rolling back your Windows to before WMP 11 makes the movie(with crappy sound) you just spent FOUR HOURS coding disappear.
  • yeah, still pissed about THAT, too.

Hopefully tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be able to get it all straightened out, but I ended up just walking away from the damned ‘puter and all it’s issues before I ended up throwing something at it. Or throwing it out in the street. Either choice would have been satisfying, but expensive ;o)

And, speaking of expensive, here is a short conversation between RR and myself on our way home from our Sunday Xmess shopping trip (shopping for each other – and since I’m 90% unemployed he is footing the bill for Christmas this year):

Me: I have no idea what else to get you…

RR: You know, you could get me the first season of My Name is Earl

Me: Okay but…you’ve spent alot on yourself already…


ETA: I need to apologize to all the blogs I read that are on Typepad. I’ve been trying to comment on your blogs since earlier today and for some reason Typepad thinks I’m a spammer and has me completely blocked. No captcha, no nothing but a hate message. I’ve emailed them and hopefully this’ll get fixed one way or another soon…