Welcome to Monday – personally, I’m really glad (and a little surprised) I made it ;o)

This weekend, RR learned…

…there are co-workers you can trust to mix you a drink at the office Christmas party, and there are those you can’t.

…and when those who cannot be trusted are doing the drink mixing…odds are good you are going to be broken…and soon.

…add woo-woo and kamikaze shots to those drinks and…well, you can just imagine…

…to not argue when I say, “I want to drive home, k?” ;o)

Add to that what I learned…

…two beers and three shots before dinner leads to an inability to fully appreciate the butternut squash risotto first course (in my defense, dinner was served at 9:30 and the party started at 7. I wasn’t allowed to bring my knitting so what else was I to do to amuse myself? I turned to alcohol. I’m not proud.)

…having a tendency to drink a lot and throw things at your dining partners leads you to be seated at the ‘kids table’ at the office party. This is not a complaint. Everyone was jealous. Of us. ;o)

…recognizing your…inebriation and slowing your alcohol intake only proves one thing. I’m old. (I still kept throwing stuff though, hehehe)

And finally, something that we both learned a long, long time ago:

…McDonald’s may be gross and disgusting and really, really bad for you – but when you have a hangover, ain’t nothin’ like a cheeseburger, large fries and a diet coke to set all that is wrong back to rightness. Just for the record? RR was in WAY worse shape. No matter what he says.

I’m also very proud to say that I’m still ‘vomit free since ’03’ ;hehehehehehe

OH and for those Tick fans out there – you are NOT going to believe what I stumbled across…“Java Devil, you are now my bitch.” *grin* You can thank me later ;o)