Happy Solstice!

I’m not a big Barry Manilow fan (as a matter of fact, whenever we are in the car and he comes on the radio I start screaming, CHANGE IT! BLEEDING! MY EARS!) but the Winter Solstice makes me want to run around the house singing, “Looks like we made it!” since the days will now begin to get a little bit longer and more sunlight always makes me a happy girl.

Oh and hey guess what!? I’ve been knitting! I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to have the stocking done by Xmess…okay maybe I started to panic a bit. Then I realized…RR can put my stocking gifts in a bowl if he has to. I mean, I have some pretty big bowls so it should be okay ;o)

AND one more thing for your viewing pleasure today…one of Dobby‘s T-shirts – can you tell she’s my daughter?

(and I apologize if I’ve offended any Manilow fans out there *cough*Aunt Liz*cough* but I can’t help it, he hurts me. Physically.)