My Eye Candy for this Friday:

I have a love/hate relationship with my cookie press. I love it because I love the shapes I can create and I hate it because it’s…difficult. Mine used to be my Mom’s – it’s an electric job that sometimes doesn’t like to push out the dough and other times pushes out too much. However, with all the carpal tunnel issues I have, there’s no way I’d be able to handle a traditional press. RR likes it when I make cookies with the press because it reminds him of his mom and all the baking she used to do around the Holidays.

So tell me, what are your favorite Holiday cookies? ;o)

P.S. Didja miss Rudolph when it was on the other night? Or The Grinch? OR maybe you have a hankering to watch last years’ The Office Christmas special? Well guess what? You can!