…I managed to make it over the first hurdle – in the form of Amy* doing a gi-fricken-normous update on her site today. I didn’t go look. Not even a peek. I’m not linking either because if I do that, I’ll have to go to her site to get the link and if I’m at her site getting the link, I just might decide that it won’t hurt to go take a look at what she put up today.

But it WILL hurt if I go look because if I go look I’ll BUY STUFF.

SO THERE take THAT you doubters – I have a will of IRON! ;o)

I also have a mostly full spindle of Boogie goodness in the Popsicle colorway (which helps with the DT’s):

I’m going to go pet my fiber stash again and sob quietly maybe enter it into my spreadsheet thingy…

*If you really want to see her update (trust me, you do), just Google ‘Spunky Eclectic’. Will of IRON here, people. IRON.