Oh the joy…

…of beginning the college search with an unwilling teenager.

Let me share some of it with you:

The scene: Family is eating dinner, it is 6:30pm.
Me (getting up to start the car): Don’t forget we have that college search thing to go to tonight.

Dobby: Whatever.

A few minutes pass…we’re putting on coats and putting the dog in her crate (it’s for her own good, if we let her run around she eats her weight in chocolate. I don’t know how or where she finds it, but she does. It’s not pretty.)

Me to Dobby: Do you have a notebook?

Dobby: Why? They’re not going to make us take notes…

RR (steam begins to come out the top of his head): *grits teeth* They may SAY something you’ll want to REMEMBER a week from now and as we’ve EXPLAINED TO YOU IN DETAIL taking NOTES is the BEST way to RETAIN INFORMATION.

Dobby: *rolls eyes* Okay, whatEVER.

She brought a notebook, but didn’t write anything down. Also, we found out that she received her PSAT scores in December and didn’t bother to bring them home. Because they sucked. Great.

I swear to God, if she doesn’t get into a college and expects to live here while continuing to work at a grocery store in perpetuity, she’s got a biiiig wakeup call on the way.

That’s it, I’m going to buy some yarn. (NOT. FIBER. …dammit.)