There’s nothing like…

…retail therapy ;o)

I have a little yarn pr0n for you – first up, we have some Brooklyn Handspun magic:

Nobody dyes yarn like Marie – this ‘Pinky Pink Pink’ is so. pretty. in person. I think I managed to capture the color in the photo (and guess what is now my new desktop) ;o)

I also received a few things from Elann:

The teal and black will eventually become a wheel cover (I’ve been thinking of making one for a very long time…odds are it won’t happen soon, but it’ll happen) and the pink and black will become a headband or two.

I also bought a color card for the Peruvian Highland Wool:

I can’t believe the choices – and I’m really glad to have this. Most of the time the colors on the computer screen aren’t the same ones that show up ;o)

*ahem* I think that’s all I bought the other day…it’s kind of hazy…I told you I’d be buying some yarn ;o)