Big Plans…

…and how certain knitting needle companies can just suck the fun right out of everything.

I had big plans for my post for today. Bunches of pictures, lots of pithy commentary, most of it all written out in my head, etc. Then I tried to transfer the bunches of pictures to my laptop and the damned thing decided it wasn’t going to recognize the built-in card reader anymore. Perfect. I had like 10 minutes before bedtime (or at least the time where I’d like to go to bed but since I procrastinate all the time I’m usually writing a post ’til I’m stupid tired) and had to re-boot the paperweight computer. I re-booted and got the pictures on there but now I’m exhausted since the re-boot takes like fifteen minutes since I have so much crap on here (time to ‘destash’ the puter) and my stress level rises the entire time. Of course, now I have to shut down every night and restart every morning anyway since I found out that my lovely trustworthy daughter has been sneaking onto my computer to update her MySp*ce page (um HELLO, can we say ‘browsing history’? Or maybe try saying this, “Mom has been playing with puters since before I was conceived so she might know a teensy bit more than me about them so I’d better stay the hell off of hers or she’ll make me wear my mouse as a freaking nose ring and it WILL NOT look cool.”)

But anyway

BIG news! I actually won something!! Carole had a question about which knitblogger she ran into at her New England Brigade meeting and I answered correctly! Yay! It’s definitely true when they say it’s not WHAT you know but WHO ;o) There are few knitbloggers in our region who are involved in wearing hoopskirts and knitting by candlelight so my guesses were narrowed down (to the three I know of – Carole and myself being two) – and it was extremely easy for me to name Betty as Carole’s fetching twin. Yay! :o) I can’t wait to see what I’ve won – thanks, Carole!

In other not-as-big-as-winning-something-but-still-important news, I finally managed to get a photo of me knitting in public for Lucia:

(stealth photo taken in Applebees so we didn’t get laughed at by the muggles)

In even MORE news…I purchased a pair of those stretchy circulars which arrived today (I’m telling you I bought stuff…and it was hazy…now the boxes are starting to trickle in and RR is threatening me with forced labor to pay for this stuff…but the good news is every day is like Christmas). While looking over the directions on the back (you know, because the use of knitting needles is so difficult to figure out sometimes – especially with circulars. I wanted to be sure I was casting on using the right end – or even the correct one (sorry, sarcasm)), I noticed something:

Well crap. Now I can’t fling them at RR when he pisses me off – which was my main reason for purchasing these. Knitting needles can’t be used as a projectile…who knew?