Well, I seem to be having a hiccup of good luck these days! I won another contest over at Kristi’s – by being the leaver of her 2000th comment. w00t!

Good news – if you are a regular reader of her blog, head on over there and let her know what you love about her little piece of the web and you might win something too :o)

Thanks, Kristi!! You and Carole have made my week ;o)

Okay so…let’s hope this hiccup lasts a few days…my registration expired yesterday and SOMEONE *cough* RR *cough* wouldn’t put the renewal sticker on the license plate for me. Which means I put a sticker on my car today. Anybody want to guess what’s going to break or fall off next? My only consolation is that if something does break (or fall off), guess who has to pay for it? Yep, that would be Mr. Doubty-Pants.