Happy Valentine’s Day!

While recouperating from trying to kill myself moving the couch I was gazing at my sock yarn stash (because I do
that…while in a haze of pain – and sometimes when not) and my two skeins of Lorna’s Laces in the Bittersweet colorway were staring back at me with intent and purpose. It finally dawned on me that they wanted to wish everyone a Happy V-Day in their own special way:

They (and I) hope you like it :o) Have a great day, everyone!

An update on my horrific
injury: I am doing much better – those stick-on heating pads are magical. Seriously. Thank you all for your well-wishes, they are very much appreciated and just as magical as the heating pad and the 4-ish Advil I may have taken :o) What happened was a combination of several things: a) Large Couch (see photo below); b) Weakling ‘Lu; c) Stronger
than He-Man RR who moves stuff like this daily and sometimes forgets that his girl is a weakling (not his fault, I try to not act like a weakling in his presence very often if I can help it); d) Inch-thick coating of ice on front step that went unnoticed until…I was ON the ice and sliding and dropping and fumbling and…pulling my shoulder muscle…and whining.
Don’t forget the whining – there was a lot of it. THEN at 3am this morning the dog fell off the bed – on RR’s side (*I* think he pushed her, he won’t admit to a thing…) and when the dog fell off the bed I shot up in bed to ‘save’ her – you know, because I can fly over a queen size bed while wrapped up in 6 layers of covers in under two milliseconds. Apparently my subconsious didn’t get the memo regarding my loss of superpowers the night before. When I shot up in bed I wrenched the SAME. MUSCLES. and then had to stay in the uncomfortable position of lying on that side because the dog, for some strange reason, would have nothing to do with RR and only wanted me (*I* think it is because she was pushed. Again, he won’t admit to it*). She decided the safest place in the bed was wrapped around my left ankle.
Literally. So I will be spending V-Day on the couch with my laptop catching up on my Bloglines because FINALLY typing isn’t excruciating – yay!
*please do not be angry at RR – I am joking about the pushing. Remember, sarcasm means love in our house ;o)

So – wanna see the couch?

It is much darker without a flash – and prettier ;o) It fits really well with the red walls and the best part? It’s comfy – and cheap! Yay!

Even better – the old couch has left the building :o) Easily. In one piece ;o)