Most Excellent…

75% of the occupants of chez ‘Lu had a wonderful V-day (I’m counting the dog too although every day that she gets breakfast, dinner and a nap is a good day for her) – 25% spent the day proclaiming, “This day SUCKS!” or “I HATE this day!” at regular intervals (between long telephone conversations) because the weather prevented Whipping Boy from taking her to dinner. I think we finally managed to convince her that it didn’t matter if she went to dinner on February 14th, 15th, 16th or any other day as long as the person taking her to dinner cares about her all year long. Finally. Thank God.

RR worked his annual miracles including coming home early:

From V-Day 2007

Making sure I had flowers (though I think the UPS driver had a bit more to do with that than RR did):

From V-Day 2007

And taking over chef duties for the evening:

From V-Day 2007

What a guy – AND he puts up with me loves me all year long, too which makes what he does for me on V-day the whipped topping on top of the ice cream sundae that is our life together ;o)

…now if I could just get him to shovel the rest of the driveway life would be perfect!

Thank you again for all your well-wishes, they are very much appreciated! I am 100% better, which I proved today by shoveling out my Jeep and cleaning it off – RR would not listen when I tried to convince him that since the thing has full-time four wheel drive I didn’t need to dig it out since it can drive through anything – including 8″ of snow. ;o) I am also back to knitting which I shall prove tomorrow with photos!

P.S. For some reason my blog platform will not allow me to upload photos so I am trying out the new Picasa albums…hopefully they don’t suck.