Good – no, GREAT mail!

The highlight of my weekend was getting the mail on Saturday and finding a package from Carole:


I won a contest/quiz at her blog a while back and this was my prize – a skein of Cherry Tree Hill and two candy bars (*cough* yes, there seems to be only one in the picture…). Amazingly enough, Carole sent the one skein of yarn in existence that has brought RR to the point of actually voicing a wish for socks. I’m stunned. Almost speechless, even. Almost.

Thank you, Carole!!

Also, we were catching up on some Law & Order watching this evening – did anyone else notice that Cary Elwes (aka Wesley) was on L&O SVU a week or so ago? How cool is that?

…and I’d like to share the teen observation of the day:

When asked to start the El Camino: “uhmmm…how do I do that? I mean, it’s OLD!” (It’s a late 1970-something. RR started to tell her it was a hand crank but she wasn’t getting it…)