I lied…

ETA: This is what I get for not being able to figure out the <–more–> thingy with WP. The winner of the blogiversary contest is in this post…and I’m working on making my excerpts longer ;o)

There was more than one highlight to my weekend ;o)

On Saturday I traveled to Katy’s house to attend a spin-in for a few people who couldn’t make it to SPA. Katy, Cynthia, Kelly, Cate, two friends of Katy’s whose names I cannot remember for the life of me (I’m sorry! Bad with names…can’t seem to fix it…) and myself sat around Katy’s living room, spun and chatted a good portion of the day away. We were having such a good time that time escaped us and it was 8pm and time for Katy’s kids to go to bed before we knew it! Thanks again, Katy! I had a great time :o) (There are photos on her blog…my camera didn’t make it out of my bag all day…)

Now, for the announcement you have all been waiting for…I know I have you on the edge of your seats, right? ;o)

Following the very scientific process of writing down everyone’s names (two times for those who played along with the ‘story’ game) cutting them into leeetle pieces, putting them into a bowl and letting the Man of the House (he likes it when I call him that…makes him feel like he’s in charge *wink wink*) pick a winner…


So without further ado…

…the winner is….


Miss Scarlett! Yay! :o) Congrats! Now let me know if you want yarn or fiber and your address so I can send it – you can email me at jessaluATgmailDOTcom :o) (the number after your name is the number of the comment you left – I had to keep everybody straight and this seemed like the most logical way to do it).

Up next…a knitting nightmare…stay tuned!