Well crap…

“7F89C19F” (ignore this – trying to claim the feed…again) A couple of nights ago I was sitting on the (new!) couch watching TV when my Left toe started to feel…a breeze.  This was not good since I was wearing socks.  Handknit socks.  My Pomatomus socks, to be exact.  As we all know, you are not supposed to feel breezes through your handknits.  Unless it’s lace…but usually, since it’s lace, that’s a planned occurrence…*ahem* anyway…back to my nightmare.

I didn’t want to look.  But I had to look.  You know that sinking feeling you get when you know you’re about to find out something not-so-good?  Yeah, I had that.  Times one hundred.  Since, in case I hadn’t already mentioned it, these were hand. knit. socks.

I removed the sock and inspected the damage:


The first thought that went through my mind was, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  The second was, “F*CKING ORIGINAL WOOD FLOORS.  I HATE. THEM.”  Then, “WE ARE GETTING CARPET.”  Then I calmed down and realized that #1 we can’t afford carpeting and #2 I can probably fix this (okay and the floors are really pretty.  Not as pretty as my SOCKS but pretty nonetheless).  I don’t *want* to fix it, but I can.  Fortunately, one thing I haven’t been able to perfect in my sock knitting is the ability to use up every inch of yarn from the skein.  Thank God.  I searched through my leftovers and managed to find this:


(lip stuff included to show actual size) Do ya’ll think that’s enough?  I’m thinking since the hole starts after the beginning of the toe I can rip back and re-knit it.  I don’t know if I can do the darning thing…I have a darning egg and I’ve seen my grandmother do it but that doesn’t give me the ability to actually do it.  I also do not, under any circumstances, want to FUBAR this sock.  They’re one of my top five favorite pairs.  They’re also only one month old.  WTF?