….it can be good for the soul – until your wheel annoys the hell out of you, that is ;o) Apparently now my plying head has issues. I swear I didn’t put a sticker on the thing…ohsh*t I did. I put a piece of Velcro on it…sweet sticker sandwich can’t a girl decorate ANYTHING?!?! *sigh*autumn_singles.jpg

Anyway, I did do spinning with my regular head (er regular spinning head, that is…okay maybe my own regular head is spinning a bit these days…I may have made another somewhat large purchase. NOT roving so don’t get you’re hopes up. Ya vultures. You all have to wait just like me for another week or so to find out what it is…) and finished spinning the 4oz of autumn color merino/tencel that I purchased at the Vermont S&W fest. The picture doesn’t show the shiny as much as I’d like, hopefully once I have it all plied together I’ll be happier with the pictures of the finished product. This stuff is soooo shiny and soooo soft and soooo pretty! I’m double-plying it and am hoping to have enough for a scarf or small shawlette. Keep yer fingers crossed!favorite_socks.jpg

I also finally received my very own copy of Favorite Socks which I will be perusing very soon – can you believe I haven’t cracked it open yet and I got the mail at 9pm tonight (after going out to dinner)? Actually, now that I think about it…I gotta go.

But first, I have big news! HUGE news! Life-altering news! I can’t believe I haven’t already told you guys! Dobby passed Driver’s Ed!! You know what this means, right? Let me know if you’re traveling through Western Mass and I’ll let you know if she’ll be on the road at the same time…I mean, she’s gotten better at using her brakes…kind of…so you don’t have too much to worry about…I think. ;o) The best part?  This means that RR and I won’t have to pick her up from work at 9pm anymore! How awesome is THAT??!?!?!

Also, I feel I need to clear up my last post just a teensy bit. Apparently I wasn’t clear enough in describing how I fixed the hole problem. I did try the darning, I truly did. However, I couldn’t make it look like anything less than complete ass so I ended up ripping and reknitting the toe. Thankfully, the hole was above the pattern in the plain part of the toe so it wasn’t a big deal at all. I’m really sorry if I mislead anyone – I didn’t mean to be unclear about it… if you want to know the truth, RR is a little upset since I made him take like 40 pictures of me ripping it and I didn’t use even one of them. Good thing I’m knitting him a pair of socks, eh? ;o) (pictures of those coming soon!) G’nite all!