Even the Sherpa enjoyed himself…

…which, I suspect, is a result of not having to carry too much. Amazingly enough, I managed to behave myself at CT S&W on Saturday. Partly due to the fact that we got there too late for there to be any good fleeces left but…*ahem* who’s complaining? ;o)

Once we (finally) arrived, we ran into Cynthia and her husband-unit. I then gifted her with my most recent piece of ‘stealth knitting’ which she tried on immediately:


We then proceeded to make the rounds, talking to knitbloggers here and there – it was nice to introduce RR to people that he hears mentioned on just about a daily basis and show him that all those hours at the ‘puter are spent not only shopping but socializing, too ;o) (there were a couple of people who could not make it who were dearly missed…you know who you are (and who is to blame *cough*) I hope to see you guys soon!!)

One very important thing I found out, and I know you all will be relieved to know, Dave (of the Merlin Tree) is *not* keeping my wheel hostage and I should have her back in my hot little mitts my possession at Cummington. He also has the coolest spindles that spin like a dream – which were, unfortunately, not for sale at that time :o(

I did make a few purchases…but I will share those in another post. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from the show:



We brought RR’s camera (since *gasp* I forgot mine) and while I was searching his memory card for the event photos I saw that the FD appears to have a new member, can anyone spot him?


I’ve been told his name is ‘Bob’ and they are special ordering a helmet to accommodate his…ears. ;o)

I am beyond exhaustion since I spent the day in forced labor burning and cleaning up the yard so if I have forgotten anyone in the linkfest please accept my sincerest apologies and feel free to yell at me in the comments…going to pass out now…

We have reached…

…overflow status.


I can’t even hide it from RR anymore – I’ve taken to just leaving it on the counter in the Kitchen since I’ve filled up all my storage bins and if I buy any more (bins, that is), Dobby won’t have any room to play the Playstation. I’m actually hoping that if I cover enough counter space RR will believe me that I just don’t have enough room to cook and we need to order in every night…so far it’s not working, but I’m not giving up hope ;o)

Here’s a close-up of what I have begun to call ‘the pile’:


From Left to Right we have BFL from Spunky in ‘Kites’ and ‘Pink Lemonade’, a silk/merino blend in ‘Mermaid’ from a store on Etsy (sorry, can’t find the link right now), and a hank-o-roving from Pippi in ‘Duval Street’ (links to Spunky and Pippi to the Right under ‘Stash Enhancement’)

Also, I had a request for a close-up on the spinning:


This is BFL from Lisa Souza in the ‘Emerald City’ colorway. There’s about twice as much on there now ;o) I’m planning on Navajo Plying it to try to keep the color changes together.

That about sums it up for now…oh wait, we also had some excitement in the neighborhood yesterday:


Late morning I heard this really loud humming noise which seemed to be coming from the house across the street (the one that just got sold and is being remodeled). There were a bunch of work trucks over there so I didn’t think anything of it. A few minutes later I looked over there and saw the ‘officer on duty’ (aka PO) checking stuff out – and then RR’s fire pager went off (the one he leaves at home so I can keep tabs on him). This call was directly on the heels of two other calls on our street/road so I’m sure the guys were thrilled. The first person to arrive was the Chief in his personal truck, then Jim aka ‘Hummer’ got there in the Rescue (a souped-up Suburban) and two seconds after that RR pulled up in the ‘big boy’ truck – total surprise to me and a very happy one since I don’t get to see him driving the BAF (Big *ss Firetruck) like, ever. RR jumped out, yelled ‘hi’ to me and then yelled, ‘you might want to start unplugging stuff…?’ Needless to say, I took off into the house at a run – I unplugged my laptop first, THEN the TV and everything else. Hey, I’m a girl who has her priorities straight. ;o) After all the trucks arrived and parked and the PO commandeered my driveway, about six guys stood around with extinguishers and watched while the main electrical line into the house sparked, smoked and pretty much went off like a line of firecrackers until finally, 30 minutes later, there was a great big BANG, a puff of smoke and the wire fell off the house. Then the brush NEXT to the house started burning. Exciting times.  About 45 minutes after the first call went in, the electric company FINALLY showed up and shut off all of our houses so they could make sure the line that set the brush on fire was dead and unhooked. 15 minutes later, life was back to normal. Well, except for the guys working across the street, that is. I wonder who lost the coin toss to call the owner and let her know that one of them almost burned her house down while drilling through the wall to install a phone line…poor bastard.

Amelia meets…

…sunshine. I was starting to wonder if it would ever happen.


Well, that pretty much sums up my weekend – jealous? ;o)

I also put the finishing touches on my first ‘Stealth Knitting’ project – here’s a taste:


The recipient reads my blog so I can’t show you any more than that ’til it’s been gifted.  Patience!