Even the Sherpa enjoyed himself…

…which, I suspect, is a result of not having to carry too much. Amazingly enough, I managed to behave myself at CT S&W on Saturday. Partly due to the fact that we got there too late for there to be any good fleeces left but…*ahem* who’s complaining? ;o)

Once we (finally) arrived, we ran into Cynthia and her husband-unit. I then gifted her with my most recent piece of ‘stealth knitting’ which she tried on immediately:


We then proceeded to make the rounds, talking to knitbloggers here and there – it was nice to introduce RR to people that he hears mentioned on just about a daily basis and show him that all those hours at the ‘puter are spent not only shopping but socializing, too ;o) (there were a couple of people who could not make it who were dearly missed…you know who you are (and who is to blame *cough*) I hope to see you guys soon!!)

One very important thing I found out, and I know you all will be relieved to know, Dave (of the Merlin Tree) is *not* keeping my wheel hostage and I should have her back in my hot little mitts my possession at Cummington. He also has the coolest spindles that spin like a dream – which were, unfortunately, not for sale at that time :o(

I did make a few purchases…but I will share those in another post. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from the show:



We brought RR’s camera (since *gasp* I forgot mine) and while I was searching his memory card for the event photos I saw that the FD appears to have a new member, can anyone spot him?


I’ve been told his name is ‘Bob’ and they are special ordering a helmet to accommodate his…ears. ;o)

I am beyond exhaustion since I spent the day in forced labor burning and cleaning up the yard so if I have forgotten anyone in the linkfest please accept my sincerest apologies and feel free to yell at me in the comments…going to pass out now…