…back to a (somewhat) regular schedule of blogging ;o) But first – thank you all so much for your wonderful complements! Dobby’s head swelled up so much she can barely fit through the door. We had to insult her for a solid five minutes to bring her back down. (Kidding! She’s very appreciative and still the same modest, unassuming teen she was on Thursday *g*) ;o)

It’s funny, when I have a deadline I get consumed. So much has happened over the past couple of weeks that I haven’t shared, it’s hard to remember it all. SO I give you two highlights that managed to stick:

Mother’s Day:


(there were flowers too – and four rosebushes. I’m pretty certain there was shawl guilt involved) ;o)

NH Sheep & Wool:


I’ve never been to the NH show – it’s smaller than Rhinebeck yet bigger than CT ;o) Big enough that I felt a bit overwhelmed (but I managed to handle it). The best part of the show (besides seeing my peeps, that is) was…I GOT MY WHEEL FROM DAVE! Yay! Now if I could only spin on her…since she’s a double drive and I’ve never spun on one before there’s just a bit of a learning curve. Hopefully now that I have some time I’ll be able to practice. ;o) So far it’s been all swearing and frustration. Not pretty.

Not only did I get my wheel but I also picked up some yarn – the three jewel toned yarns are from the Fiber Studio and the one that looks almost white is from Judy aka Smatterings. Closeups:

05-17-07-035.jpg 05-17-07-036.jpg

Oh I also got doggie a present – one of the vendors had all-natural honey dog treats so I thought I’d bring her some.

First, she was tentative:


Then, once she realized it was food and it was for her, there was no holding back:


After about 30 seconds all that was left was a wet plastic bag and half the paper wrapper. It wasn’t pretty.