…I also may have bought something…

…by accident.

Sort-of. Okay so it was really late and I was really tired and I had just read a post over at Di’s that had a lovely photo of a sock on a circular machine and…and…and…I may have gone on Ebay and made a bid on a *really* clean machine and maybe I won it and…

…and now I have some ‘splaining to do. Because it’s here. It’s big and it can’t be ignored. I can usually get yarn and fluffy stuff past RR (until he does the paper recycling and finds the boxes, that is) but this? No freaking way.


Please note the excessive use of packing tape on the box. This took me 20 minutes. (also, to my surprise, it appears to be Italian, not French Canadian as I initially believed…) ;o)


Check it out – they must have used an ENTIRE roll of packing tape on this sucker. It was at this point that I started to get the cold sweats and have flashbacks to childhood Christmases where Grandma Beth was in charge of the wrapping – and her goal in life was to leave absolutely no unused tape in the universe for the rest of us mortals. She was also French Canadian. I’m beginning to see a pattern with the tape. (The guy I bought it from lives in Canada and is French – I know I’m jumping to conclusions here but I’m guessing he’s FC, too *grin*)

This stage took me another 10 minutes. Plus the swearing. This was also the part where Dobby came home. The child needs to learn when to just walk away. That’s all I’m saying…


FINALLY and interior! Yay!

Two seconds after that I retracted the ‘Yay’ There would be no ‘yay-ing’. This thing was completely dismantled – even better, each piece was individually wrapped and each item was COMPLETELY SEALED WITH MORE. TAPE. Like little cocoons, only more frustrating.


I can’t even bear to show you the complete carnage – that pile is only halfway through the unpacking. The final results:


…now if I could just get the $#%@ing thing to KNIT. SOMETHING. *scream*

(It’s a Legare 400 for the curious, it came with two cylinders, a ribber and pretty much every single itty bitty part you could ever imagine you’d ever need for one of these things. It cranks like mad now that I have it all oiled up – however, the needles suck. I’ve purchased new ones and hopefully I’ll get them soon…)

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