Waiting to exhale…

I had forgotten how intense puppy training can be.  Especially puppy REtraining – which is what we’re doing.  I say ‘we’ loosely since RR has been home all of about five awake hours since we got the puppy which means it’s my ass getting up every 30 minutes and taking her out to potty then saying, “good potty” like an idiot and giving her a treat.  The construction guys next door are loving this – they can’t see the dog.  They think I’m talking to myself.  Like I have some kind of strange invisible friend who needs to be housebroken.  They already think I’m nuts since I run around the back yard with fuzzy colorful stuff (roving) and/or string (yarn) with a camera taking a bazillion pictures.  This is not helping me look cool in front of the construction guys.

ANYway, thanks for all the good name ideas!  RR and I have decided on a name which is, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), not even close to the one she had.  That means that it isn’t one of the ones you guys guessed…which means you all have a shot at winning something since I’m going to use the fancy-schmancy number generator to pick a winner of a skein of sock yarn.  I’ll probably do this tomorrow night since right now it’s almost time for potty…again.

In other doggie news, Beanie got her stitches taken out today.  She’s doing great, it’s healing great, RR is still calling her ‘zipper’ and she’s talking to me again.  I’ll admit, I had a bit of a breakdown when she wouldn’t even look at me Sunday night.  She still doesn’t like it when puppy lunges for her head – hopefully the two of them will find a happy medium…

Oh and before I forget – I am a terrible prize recipient because I always forget to post when I’ve received the prize.  Maybe this is why I rarely win?  Sorry, babbling.  Where was I?  Ohyeah, I won a contest over at Bev’s (go to the previous post from that link to read my entry) and my prize was hand-dyed roving (dyed by Bev herself)!


 Pretty, no?