Two things…

…happened last weekend: The Adirondack Nationals and the VT Sheep & Wool Festival. I managed to go to both. We have been going to the carMain Street LG - Daytime
show every year for ever but only during the past two years have I been able to get a day pass for VT. (RR has been going to the show since before I was in the picture and he was even there for the infamous show of 1992 where they had to call in the National Guards or something because someone *gasp* did a burnout (being a bit Chevy
sarcastic there – one year was a riot however I don’t remember which one but yes, he was there and has the t-shirt to prove it) ANYway…I went to both and had a pretty good time – even if I didn’t drink…much. ;o)

One reason I didn’t get to do a lot of car show stuff this year was because RR didn’t get home from Denver until Friday morning so we didn’t get to Lake George until Friday afternoon. We usually arrive on Thursday afternoon so we missed almost an entire day of the festivities AND RR was exhausted from not sleeping for 24-ish hours. He was tons of fun by dinnertime, though. *ahem*

Saturday dawned muggy and rainy (ugh) but I managed to drag myself out of bed and leave by 8:30 which meant I’d arrive at the Sheepy fest around 11 – just late enough for all the good stuff to be gone. ;o) (for some reason RR didn’t get up with me and go to breakfast this year…wonder why? I’m thinking sleep deprivation and…beer. *eg*) Because it ended up being so freaking hot I ended up wandering around only a little. So hot, in fact, that my brain was baked and I completely forgot I had a camera strapped to me. I visited with Judy for a while at her booth, said hello to Merlin Tree Dave, threw some money at Amy, bought a spindle that I’d been lusting after for a while, saw Pippi and Di (and Di’s blogless friend…Marianne?? Bad with names, that’s me) for quick hello’s and headed back to LG. Pretty quick trip. Oh, you might want to see what I purchased?

Golding Spindle

Hot Rod

From the top down we have: a wrist distaff purchased from Judy (made by her significant other) with some of Amy’s Merino/Tussah (that I though was Merino/Bamboo…that’s what I get for not reading the labels that are ON the fiber), my new Golding spindle, Amy’s Super Sport sock yarn in the colorway, “Hot Rod” to commemorate the car show weekend (the ‘Super Sport’ was a big hit with the Chevy crowd) and finally some superwash merino in the ‘Ravelry’ colorway.

When I got back to my hotel I found RR ensconced with ‘the crew’ and the nephews being smart:

Cooling Off

After dinner we walked around a bit and then watched the fireworks:

Main Street LG - 'The Cruise'
Up in the air...colors...

What a freaking madhouse, eh? I couldn’t deal with it all so I went back to the room early and spun while listening to the end of Magic Study – because, of course, I had brought Amelia.

I’m going to close now since I think I’ve overloaded you all – or at least I’ve overloaded myself!