While I am showing the ribber…

…who’s boss, I thought I’d distract you all from lack of blog posting with [insert drum roll here] a contest.

It’s been a while since I’ve given anything away (July, in fact) so I thought it was about time I coughed up some stuff from the stash…or maybe…possibly…

…instead of a skein of sock yarn that’ll marinate in your stash…how about a pair of socks? Yes, a pair of socks. I will knit the winner a pair of socks on my CSM out of a skein of…hmmm…STR lightweight. These will have to be plain socks with a picot hem and short row heels (since they are the only kind I can knit on the CSM at this time – don’t worry, I have a high instep and they fit me just fine) since the ribber is still fighting me (the bitch).

Sounds good to me – and I’m guessing you all will like the idea. ;o) Go ahead, tell your friends, the more the merrier!

Here’s what you have to do to get a pair of hand-cranked socks of your very own:

Sock Basket

Guess how many pairs of socks reside in this basket (it’s sitting on a standard size picnic table for scale – if that helps). You can email your response to me at jessalu [at] gmail [dot] com by midnight Wednesday, September 26th. However, there’s a catch – I have a very, very picky spam folder which catches all the lovely ‘make your *insert appendage here* bigger’ emails I get a million times a day AND most of my regular mail so please #1 put ‘Sock Contest’ in the subject line and #2 leave a comment that you participated so I know to look for your entry (an added bonus – you’ll be making my inner comment wh*re all giggly). Thanks! :o) (oh and if more than one person guesses correctly – I will draw from the correct answers for the winner)

See, I’m kind of killing two birds with one stone here – Kelly tagged me about a month ago to show my sock drawer and it took my sorry ass this long to respond (I’m so sorry…) so you guys get to wallow in my guilt of being a bad blogger by winning a prize. Cool, eh? ;o)