How to Crank a Pair of Socks…

…in pictures.

Thanks to Tina, who visited me on Saturday for some Sushi and CSM fun (see her post for pictures and more detail), I now have more up to date photos of how I go about making a pair of socks on the machine**.

Ready? (photo-heavy for those on dial-up):

First, I hang the setup bonnet on the hooks.

Setup Bonnet

Next, a few rounds of waste yarn (an acrylic/cotton blend that’s easy to rip out).

Waste Yarn

Then, I begin with the ‘good’ yarn (in this case, I’m using Tina’s own Phoenix Fiberworks yarn).

The Yarn

The Beginning...

After 10 rounds, I make a ‘YO’ row (by moving a stitch to the next hook).


Then, after knitting another 10 rows, I hang the hem by putting the stitches from the first row onto the current row.

Hanging the Hem
Still Hanging the Hem

This is the fun part – cranking 75 rows for the leg. Can you see my blurry arm?

In Motion 2

Here is a close up of the picot hem.

Picot Hem

Time for the heel – I lift up the hooks on the back of the cylinder to put them ‘out of service’ so I can knit the short-row heel.

Beginning the Heel

I use bent forks with 1 lb weights attached to weigh down the heel and/or toe.

The Heel

It happens to the best of us – dropped stitches. :o(

Dropped Stitches!

Picking up dropped stitches is SO much fun!

Fixing Dropped Stitches

Finally (two hours later), a pair of almost finished socks. All they need is a kitchener on the toe. (You can see the finished pair on Tina’s blog)

Socks !

I hope you all enjoyed the walk-through! It’s hard to show here but it really isn’t as easy as some might think. These machines are antiques (unless you invest in a NZAK), are very persnickety and you need to pay close attention at all times or you end up doing what I had to do in the 2nd to last picture. I was *very* lucky in that the machine I purchased on Ebay was in working order – and I did quite a bit of shopping before I settled on the one I purchased.

However, I’m not complaining. It may be a bit challenging at first but hell, a pair of socks in two hours? You can’t beat that with a size 1 needle (or a stick). ;o)

**All photos in this post were taken by Tina with my Pentax – thanks again!