ECF – the Fiber Edition

After I finished the ‘Grinchy’ yarn, I pulled out some merino/tencel from the Sheep Shed that I had purchased at Rhinebeck ’07. I somehow managed to spin up 4oz of it in a day and a half and gave it a bath (and a whacking) on Wednesday night. Here it is basking in the (weak) sunlight Thursday afternoon:

Merino/Tencel from The Sheep Shed - "New England"

The details: 4 oz (two hanks) of merino/tencel from The Sheep Shed in the colorway ‘New England’. I spun this thicker than my usual and when plied together it makes about a sport weight yarn. I also prepped it a little differently than I normally do in that I spun one hank from end to end and ripped the other into smaller pieces before pre-drafting. This made for shorter color repeats on one bobbin and longer on the other so when I plied them together there was much barber-poling. I like it.

On the wheel now I have some superwash merino from this etsy seller in the colorway ‘Fairpoint Dairy’:

Superwash in Progress

Oh and a Jazz update – RR watched her trot into the fiber room last night without a care in the world, pick up a hank of roving and walk over to her bed on the couch with it like it was a chew toy and she had every right. He took it away from her after she landed with it but still.

He watched her do it.

At this point, cute might not save either of them.