Sick of Flowers yet?

…possibly you’re not however, I don’t want to be completely boring on Fridays so this week I give you…

…a flower bud.

Looks kind of alien, doesn’t it? This is one of my tree peonies – I call this one, “The One on the Left” because I forgot to label it when I planted it. This has been one stubborn plant. I put it in the ground five years ago (? – possibly longer) and it only JUST started flowering last year. The best part? I don’t remember what color it was last year so this year I’ll be surprised all over again! ;o)

In other knitting news, I’m plugging along on my Mr. GreenJeans (or Mr. Good Luck as I’m calling it on Ravelry) and have just begun working on the cables. Pictures after the weekend!

In blogworld news, Jess has started up Summer of Socks ’08! You can read more about it and sign up here.

Oh and I have other exciting news to share: after searching for a full day – and having several panic attacks – I found the Wing of the Moth shawl that I knit for Dobby last year for Prom. Why was I searching, you ask? Because Prom is next Friday and I was told she *had* to have it. (she also didn’t give me enough notice to knit something new. It’s also entirely possible that this was a test that I *could* find it since I wouldn’t let her keep it in her pile room last year.) I was so flippin’ happy when I found it that I started yelling and dancing around with the zip bag in my hand. I’ve possibly done some permanent mental damage to the dogs. and RR. ;op HOWEVER I will NOT be getting the ‘Worlds Worst Mom’ award this year. Yay me! ;o)