Friday already?

Wow. This week went fast!! So fast, in fact, that I didn’t have time to wander around with the camera. Because of this, I decided to bring out two pictures from Dobby’s England trip:


Sheep on a Hill

The sheep are possibly repeats…sorry about that! This week I worked on the back end of my blog a bit and managed to get Lightbox working. Go ahead and click on the pictures in the last three (four if you include this one) posts and you’ll experience the magic. ;o)

In knitting news, I’m finished with the body of Mr. G and have moved on to the first sleeve! My wrists are feeling much better (thanks to the Aleve – and thanks to all the advice I received on the last post) and I only have to wear the braces at night at this point. I’m hoping to have a sweater soon!!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Happy Mother’s Day to those who are celebrating on Sunday :o)