Since there’s a dearth of knitting…

…how about some gardening?

Last year I didn’t do much with the veg patch, I threw in some peas, some tomatoes, some peppers and some squash and sat back to see what happened. I didn’t do a whole lot of weeding and I didn’t do a whole lot of planning – however, I did do a lot of picking since, thankfully, everything but the peppers produced. (You kind of have to baby the peppers up here in the frigid north – they get chilly)

This year, I decided to do a bit of planning and a bit of gambling. You see, if you put tomatoes in the ground before Memorial Day in my neighborhood, people sit up and take notice. They start paying attention to what’s going on in your yard – and they start checking the temperature at night. They do this so they can point and laugh when the temp dips and you’re the only idiot in the neighborhood with frosty ‘maters.

Well, I outsmarted Mother Nature (and the neighbors) this year. I went all fancy and got the water teepees and guess what? They work. We had a ‘hard’ frost about two weeks ago that almost killed the tulips that were shivering on the front lawn (don’t worry, they perked back up) but these babies were nice and snug all toasty under their (somewhat expensive) water-filled houses.

I’m hoping for salsa around the end of June. Possibly earlier if I play my cards right.  ;o)