Three days in a Row…

…might be a personal record or something. Lately I haven’t been able to think of anything to post about and trying to come up with my usual three a week was kind of a struggle. Apparently that is not the problem this week – I can’t seem to shut up! Today I’m covering a few things – Cummington included. ;o)

First, Jazz would like me to thank you all for your well-wishes. She is feeling much better and is LOVING the chicken and rice diet (so much for it being a punishment) and can’t WAIT until Momma lets her off the string (she gets walked on a leash until the vet says otherwise. yay.) so she can maybe catch those stupid birds who are mocking her…

Second, I wasn’t very clear on Tuesday’s post. That peony blossom is the first one that particular plant has given up in the five or so years since I bought it as a bare root plant (cheap!) at in 2003 – or it might have been 2002 – and planted it. I thought for sure it was yellow…I am so very happy it’s not. You see, the other peony (the one on the right) is also a light pink:

The One on the Right

This year it looks like she is going to give me six (!) blooms. Amazing!!

Last but not least, we have Cummington. It happens to be my favorite fiber festival – and it is also where I learned to spin two years ago. This year I went more for the people than the ‘stuff’ (at least, that’s what I told myself after I found out that Foxfire didn’t have any batts left) ;o)

I witnessed the birth of a fleece:

Laurie and Manise...

Dave in fine leg (and Marcy looking very confused – and some woman who I don’t know but wouldn’t sell me her Canadian Production Wheel so I blurred out her face…hehe):

Merlin Tree Dave

…and I’m calling this one “BUSTED!” or “Now We Know What Laurie Does When She Thinks No One is Looking”:

Busted !

After some fine wine at lunch (thanks Carole and (blogless) Sharon for feeding me!), we stopped by Amy’s booth – which is where I did the most damage to my wallet:

Cummington Haul 2

Then on to the next

Roving from The Wool Peddler

and finally, a bit of yarn.

Cummington Haul 3

Overall a good day that ended with me spinning on my Golding spindle at the first car club cruise of the year in Canaan, CT and falling into bed, exhausted, at 10:30 which is completely out of character for me. I think it might have been the getting up before 9 – which is early for me, I’m a night owl and have trouble sleeping before 3am – and wine at lunch (I’m a cheap date – ask RR) ;o)