Spun… bloglines!

…this is what my handspun looks like before it gets a nice, hot bath and a thorough thwacking:

Fresh off the Skein Winder

It’s completely out of control and can’t stop twisting back over itself. Looks like spaghetti, doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s pretty obnoxious to wrangle into submission in this state. Now the after:

After the Bath

I love the magic that happens when I throw a skein of twisty, impossible to calm, overplied yarn into a hot bath. It evens out the energy, the thwacking sets it in place and the drying (with no weights) brings back the smooshy. ;o) This began as 4oz of fluffy BFL from All the Pretty Fibers on Etsy and is now 220 yds of fingering weight three-ply (Navajo plied) just sitting in the handspun basket, waiting for a project.

For those interested, both pictures in this post were taken with my new (to me) Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4 lens with barely any ambient light and no flash – I’m loving my new, fast lens! Now that I have it, when it comes to blog pictures, I laugh when faced with a cloudy sky! I’m not, however, loving the manual focus. I don’t care that ‘it’ll make me a better photographer’ (this is according to RR and my local photog guru – hi Tony!), I think it’s a PITA. bleh.