I give up…

ETA: It appears to be working again so just ignore my babbling about changing feeds…sorry. If you already switched, don’t worry you’ll still see my content and your feed will get redirected on my end so you don’t need to do anything. Again, I’m sorry for the confusion. Regular knitting and spinning content coming soon! ;o)

…bloglines and feedburner seem to not get along anymore so, after multiple attempts to get bloglines to listen, and trying to fix it by redirects, etc., I decided to say goodbye to feedburner for the time being. This completely sucks because I just lost 3 years of stats but I’d rather my posts show up in bloglines than keep the stats so…buh bye feedburner.

This means that those of you who are interested in hanging around at this particular party will need to resubscribe to my feeds ETA: since the feedburner feed will no longer exist in two weeks. I’m *really* sorry to have to do this since the reason why I had feedburner in the first place was so that I wouldn’t have to ask people to move whenever I had the urge to mess with stuff.

The new feed is located at http://www.jessaluknits.com/feed/ you can click on that link to subscribe or, if you use Google Reader or Newsgator, you can click on the button over there —> OR if you have a bookmark to subscribe to your favorite reader, you can do that too. Oh, you can also cut and paste the new feed address into your current subscription – if you click on ‘edit feed’ in your reader, that option should come up. ;o)

Thank you for your patience during this transition, I’m sorry to have to do this but having my feed ignored by bloglines for two weeks was just too much. (bloglines sucks, in case you didn’t already know my feelings on that point and yes, that’s my freedback in case there’s a lacky somewhere at bloglines still searching for that word) ;o)

For those who read all the way through this lovely boring post about feeds, etc. you get a pretty picture:

Spring Flowers - Bleeding Heart

For those who decide to stick with me – thanks for sticking with me!! For those who don’t, I’m sorry you’re moving on but it was good while it lasted…hopefully we can still be friends. ;o))

ETA: I’ve added a Bloglines button to the sidebar to make the transition easier for those who will still be using Bloglines.