What to do…

…on a Saturday when it’s 86 degrees out and the air is so thick you could cut it with a butter knife?

Why, spin outside, of course! ;o)

This past Saturday was the Hudson River Knit & Spin 2008 in Catskill, NY. It was also the second hottest day of the year so far (the hottest was the day Dobby graduated and we had her graduation party in the back yard). My day began with an email from RR:

too hot. can’t breathe. stay inside with a/c if you can.

I wish. I wrote back:

can’t stay – promised Tina! Must be with my people!

…and in the end, I was glad I went. There was a very good turnout and I had a great time! Here are most of the attendees (huddled in the shade, thankful for the breeze coming off the river):

Hudson Spin-Out

What was I spinning?

Merino /Silk

80/20 Merino/Tencel purchased at Rhinebeck ’07 from Clover Leaf Farms in the colorway Jungle Fever. Isn’t it pretty?

Late afternoon we ran into some showers so we had to adjourn to the Muddy Cup coffee shop:

Spin-out comes in from the rain

Through all this excitement, Tina’s husband Steve managed to retain an air of cool detachment:

Steve is thrilled to be there...

Honestly, I don’t know how he stayed so calm. ;op