Ten Things…

…I didn’t like about school.  That is the topic for this week’s ‘Ten on Tuesday’.  Now, I haven’t done this yet because there hasn’t been a topic that interested me but I like this one.  This one I’ll do…

1.  The fact that school commenced before 10 am.  Seriously, I would have been happy to start later and stay later just so I could get a few more hours of sweet, sweet sleep.

2.  The ‘Dean of Students’.  He a was an alcoholic nightmare when I went there and continued to be one when my daughter attended.  One highlight of his career was when RR’s cousin’s kid peed in his desk drawer – you’d think he’d know better than to leave two teenage boys alone in his office… ;op

3.  The Guidance Counselor who told me to quit school when she heard I was preggers in my Junior year.

4.  Algebra.

5.  The English teacher who forced me to read Stephen King to get my diploma.  Refused to give me an alternate.  I still can’t swim to a raft in a lake with no angst, thanks Mrs. S.

6.  The English teacher who failed me because I didn’t have my term paper typed and handed in on time.  Because of you I did not walk with my class to receive my diploma since my school does not believe in handing a student a blank piece of paper.  Pardon me for having a six month old, no typewriter and no childcare so I could use one at school.  I have a feeling that you’re roasting right now and that gives me a bit of satisfaction…

7.  Preppies.  (sorry Carole…)

8.  Parking permits.

9.  Snooty bitches – we had tons of them.  With big hair.  Our high school is partially responsible for the hole in the ozone layer from overuse of Aqua Net from 1984 to 1989.

10.  The fact that my class decided they were going to be the first ‘non-smoking’ class of my school and since the non-smokers outnumbered the smokers, the non-smokers won the vote.  This meant that I would not receive the coveted smoking pass when I reached Sophomore year and had to skulk about until I found I was carrying Dobby and quit smoking.  ;o)

Okay, snarky fit is over, regular blogging will commence tomorrow with a post about W.O.O.L.  ;o)