Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with the ten signs you’re getting older:

1.  I actually *want* to watch the evening news.

2.  I used to go out almost every weekend and dance, drink, etc.  Now?  PJ’s and a movie, thankyouverymuch.  (I also used to date a guy in a band which led to the going out dancing, etc.  *ahem*)

3.  I used to be able to drink a buttload of alcohol and not have it effect me in the slightest.  Now?  If I order a second cosmo when we’re out for dinner the bartender (who is also a friend) looks at me hard and says, ‘are you SURE.’

4.  We always go to the same place for dinner…

5.  I actually want to get up before 10am and am pretty pissed off when I sleep in.

6.  My daughter is going to be 20 years old this year.

7.  If I bend down to pick something up, it takes me a solid minute to straighten up again.  Ohwait, that’s RR…hehe

8.  I can no longer fit all my wordly goods into my vehicle to make a quick getaway.  I can probably fit in most of it but I’d have to make a pretty difficult decision with regards to clothes vs. wheels.  ;o)

9.  My daughter?  Did I mention this?  Is going to be 20 this year.  I checked my insurance policy and guess what?  I’ve been DRIVING for 20 years.  I need a drink.  Wait.  I can’t drink any more.  *sigh*

10.  I used to be able to drink caffeine at any hour of the day.  Now, if I don’t drink decaf after 4pm I’m up until 3am shaking like I have the DT’s and thinking of what I can clean that’s quiet and won’t wake the house.

That’s it, it was harder to get to 10 than I thought it would be!

A quick knitting update – after ripping and reknitting three inches of the leg on the first Leyburn sock for two. days.  I realized what stupid thing I was doing wrong (picking up the float with the wrong needle) and I managed to finish it on Sunday night.  I am now halfway through the foot on the second sock and am pretty hopeful I might finish this pair before the end of the month.  ;o)  No pictures since it’s kind of boring at this point and I’d rather wait for the ‘big reveal’  ;op