…and I’m so happy, I’m going to give away yarn.

I’m officially done with tax season!  I filed Dobby’s return this morning – yeah I know I said I’d send it out but I decided to be nice and save her the $$ the CPA would have charged…I have yet to hear a thank you, btw.  Next year she can pay the CPA and scream at HIM – so I’m DONE.

This has gotten me into one of the best moods I’ve been in for a while…well, since January anyway…which has made me want to share the joy.  Leave a comment on this post before Midnight tomorrow night and you’ll be entered into a drawing for either a skein of sock yarn OR a hank o’ roving, your choice.  In fact, tell your friends and have them mention you sent them in their comment and you’ll get another entry for each person who mentions you.  I seriously want to break records with this one!  ;o))  How about this, if we get more than 50 comments, EVERYONE will get a second chance and dangit I might just give away a second prize!  (yep, I’m in that good of a mood!)  Good luck to everyone!

I’m throwing in a picture of the daffodils blooming outside my office window to help cheer it up around here a bit:

Daffodils outside my window...

ETA:  New goal!  If we make it to 200 comments?  I’m giving away handspun.  ;o)  Yes, that’s on top of everything else I promised up there ^ so that makes three prizes up for grabs (and can I say?  Holy crap I think my database is going to go all splodey!  Good thing I’m a bookkeeper so I can keep track of all these extra entries!)  ;o))

ETAA:  Comments are now closed – THANK YOU all for playing!!  Winners will be posted on Monday, April 20th.