Still, wow.

…I’ve had all weekend to let it sink in and I’m still blown away by the response to my contest. This didn’t help:

With double entries plus all the extra entries for people who sent their friends

That is (from what I am told) an imperial buttload of entries to my ‘woo tax season is over’ contest which were printed, cut and folded by me (since RR had a pyrotechnic meeting on Sunday and Dobby had something important to do so I was home alone), in the biggest container I could find that was clean. (The names of the winners are hard to read in the small photos but if you click on the little picture, you can see the winner clearly in the big one – you can also wait until the whole page loads then click on the first photo and you can click through all the photos in lightbox by hovering over the right side of the picture. Waiting for the entire page to load is key to the magic!)

Shall we get to it? First, the mixing…

Winner Number 1:

she had 51 entries, not surprising that she won something. ;o)

…then the tossing:


Winner Number 2 (isnt’ this exciting?):

…then mixing and tossing:

Finally, last but not least, winner number 3:

Congratulations to you all! I’m really sorry I couldn’t give a prize to everyone who entered – which is always how I feel after a contest – but I promise you there will be more chances to win coming up in a few months. (just don’t tell RR, okay?)

For the winners: please email me at jessalu{at}gmail{dot}cahm and let me know your mailing address, whether you would like sock yarn to knit or roving to spin and a color preference and/or allergy consideration OR a Stitched by JessaLu box bag (yep! I decided to make bags an option – please check out my etsy gallery page and tell me what you like) and I’ll get your prize package out to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to you all for playing!