What I did this weekend…

This past weekend was the Chancellor’s Sheep and Wool Showcase which is held at the Clermont Historical Site in Germantown, NY.

Clermont 2009

This is a very small festival but what they lack in shopping they gain in view.

Clermont 2009

This is the first year I have gone where I know people.  Previous years have been spent in quiet contemplation (after shopping, of course), this year was spent enjoying the company of local and out of state visitors – Risa and Carolyn both made the trip up.   We all brought our wheels and spent a good portion of the afternoon sitting in the shade and spinning.  We even brought a new spinner into the fold:

First Time Spinning!

See that smile?  That is the smile of a ‘First-timer’.  Wendy has been part of our group for a while – at one point she was talking about how she wasn’t sure if she was going to learn to spin.  It was pointed out to her that if she kept hanging out with us, it wasn’t a question of ‘if’, it was a question of ‘when’.  ;o)  Muahahaha!

I didn’t spend a whole lot, I went for quality instead of quantity:

Into the Whirled Batt

That is a batt from Into the Whirled – it is GORGEOUS!

Funny story…I went over to the Into the Whirled booth and bought my batt with Tina, then Risa went over and bought stuff while carrying one of her bags that she purchased from me.  When she went to pay, the vendor said, “great bag!  I have one just like it!”  and PULLED OUT A BAG SHE BOUGHT FROM ME ON ETSY.  When Risa told me, I didn’t believe her so I had to go over and see for myself.

You see, I’ve never seen a SbJL bag ‘in the wild’ that hadn’t been purchased by a friend of mine so this was a momentous occasion. Someone I didn’t know personally was carrying around a bag purchased from me, made by me.  Those of you who sell your stuff know what I’m talking about.  ;o)

When I went over to her booth, I told her that I had heard a rumor that she had a SbJL bag and she pulled out her knitting bag and showed it to me.

I squee’d.  Like a little girl.  I’m so embarrassed.

Then my group made fun of me for the rest of the afternoon because I was on cloud 9 and not coming down anytime soon.  ;op  At least they keep me humble, hehehe

After all that excitement, what did I do?  I might have bought a fleece.  sssshhhh don’t tell R.  ;op  I don’t have any pictures because I don’t want any proof.  However, I couldn’t have walked away from it, it’s beautiful and the price was more than right.

Here are a few more pictures:

Clermont 2009

Revolutionary Reenactors

On the Hudson

That is my friend Michelle and her son in the last picture – I don’t think she knew I was taking it.  ;op

So, what did you all do this weekend?  Anything fun?