Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the 10 things I’d bring to a deserted island:

1.  My Golding drop spindle – since it takes me longer to spindle yarn it’ll keep me occupied longer…

Okay I’m totally torn here.  How are we allowed to count these things?  Does one hank of roving count as one thing?  One pound?  Maybe I should just go with…

2.  My fleece.  Since carding it and spinning it should keep me occupied for a while.

3.  Hand cards.

4.  My iPhone.  (here’s another question – does the charger count as one thing?  How about a solar charger?  Is that included in the iPhone choice?  Separate?  This is getting complicated…is there cell service?  Will my Simplify Media app work?  My Kindle app?  These are important questions!)

5.  Pride & Prejudice.  The book, not the movie.  The movie…is on the iPhone.

6.  A solar flashlight since I’m kind of afraid of the dark…do not judge me.  ;op

7.  Size 7 circs so I can knit something with the fleece I’ve carded and spun into yarn.

8.  A knife so I can make size 8 straight needles out of driftwood when I realize I’m not getting gauge with the 7’s.  ;op

9.  A solar charger for the iPhone.  (I couldn’t leave it to chance)

10.  A flint so I can make fire – in case my eyeglasses didn’t work.  ;op

How about you?  What 10 things would you bring?


p.s.  I didn’t put photos of the dogs and family on the list because they’re on the iPhone!  HA!