Yay!! I finished something!

Yarn!  That I made!

Here are the before pictures of the skeins before they went into their bath:

Isle Caribe Handspun

Enchanted Handspun

and after a nice long hot soak and a good thwacking:

Isle Caribe - Merino

Isle Caribe - Merino

The blue yarn above is Merino fiber from Freckle Face Fibers in the colorway ‘Isle Caribe’.  It is 302 yards, Navajo plied and DK weight.

Enchanted - Superwash Merino

Enchanted - Superwash Merino

The red is superwash merino from The Wool Peddler in the colorway ‘Enchanted’.  It is 420 yards, two-ply and fingering weight.

See?  I said I’d have pretty handspun for you today!

Neil Corcoran Headlines as Spad JohnsonIn other AWESOME news, one of my clients has some BIG NEWS that I’m allowed to share with you all!  This client – actually they are more like friends for whom I do the books and buy props for the show –  produces television shows and…and..ohthisissoexciting…WE’RE GOING TO BE ON THE TEEVEE!!  Tonight, June 24th at 8pm on WIVM TV 52 and/or Time Warner Channel 365 and 367  and/or WIVN TV 29 Time Warner Channel 99 (these are Ohio/New Philly channels) Spad Johnson, Private Eye will be airing for the first time, ever!  This is a long time in the making and if you are in the Ohio/New Philly area please, PLEASE watch and if you like it, let the station know, let everyone know!  Spad is a private eye in 1950, the show is very much like the movie The Maltese Falcon or the original Dragnet series, and if you do get a chance to watch it, Spad’s desk is from my family’s farm and I helped pick out most of the props (other than bookkeeper, my official title is ‘propmaster’, how cool is that?  hehe)

That’s all for now!