Spinning Update…

…so far I’ve finished the 4oz of Superwash Corriedale from December 2007 in the colorway ‘Party Dress’ and ended up with 236 yards of two-ply:

Tour de Fleece 2009 - Party Dress

(yes, it’s really that bright, hehe  It’s supposed to be an 80’s party dress and I think she nailed it)

…and I’ve started the 4oz of Finn in the colorway ‘Acadia’:

Tour de Fleece 2009 - Acadia

…and I’ve realized that I can share the link to the Spunky Club site because it’s OPEN!  If you want to have a monthly fiber or yarn surprise in your mailbox from the uber-talented Amy of Spunky Eclectic go here – you will not be disappointed!  ;o)

In other spinning news, Amelia has developed a click in the right treadle hinge that’s DRIVING. ME. CRAZY(er).  RR and I have been attempting to adjust it for three days and have given up.  I’m calling New Voyager today to see if I can get a replacement hinge.  Of all the times for her to get unhappy…!