TDF 2009 Update – 07-09-09

…yeah, I know it’s not very imaginative but I’m working on a deadline, people!  Let me also add, I know I’ve fallen behind (uhm…WAY behind) on reading blogs and I’m sorry…I need to figure out a way to get the laptop next to Emma so I can read and spin (Emma because Amelia is in TIME. OUT. dammit.*)

Anyway…update.  Yesterday’s spinning:

TDF 2009 spinning for 7/8/09

(photo taken with my new Shiny Precioussss – the iphone 3Gs – I’m pretty happy with the new camera (among other things))

2 oz of Merino/Tencel Singles – Spunky Club September 2007 – Colorway ‘Aspen’  (this month was a 2 oz hank).  I’ll be plying this 2-ply from a center pull ball today and start on the November 2007 offering of  ‘Pie for Everyone’ this afternoon.  (October 2007 was partly spun and then given away since apparently I do not like scratchy wool to spin)  To answer an ongoing question from the comments: I do not have a plan for everything, I’m going to go with what I feel for each hank when I pull it out.  For example, I know I’ll get more yardage wtih a 2-ply so that’s what I’m doing with this one (and the previous one) but I think Pie for Everyone will give me more singles yardage so I’ll probably Navajo ply it.  But, that could change, too.  ;o)  Flying by the seat of my pants, who, me?  hehe

*Update on Amelia:  I spoke with Tim at New Voyager yesterday and he’s sending me new hinges, a new upright, a new connector and a new screw to connect the connector all…FOR NOTHING.  This is why I buy Kromski.  When I had Brigit and had issues with Brigit (my Lendrum that my Dad fixed and was adopted by my Mom for her birthday) I could not get a resolution from Gord.  Because I couldn’t get him on the *bleep*ing telephone to save my life.  Or email.  Or at a show.  I tried for a. year.   This whole clicking issue has come to a resolution in under a week, you can’t beat that kind of customer service with a stick (or a clickety footman).  ;op