Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the 10 reasons why you hate to travel (in no particular order other than the first one):

1. My biggest reason I hate to travel?  Germs.  I always get sick when I travel (mostly because I work from home, don’t leave the house much and therefore don’t have much of a defense system in place).  It sucks to fly to Florida and then have a cold the entire week you’re there.

2.  All the people – I hate crowds.  A lot.

3.  Waiting.  All the waiting.

4.  While waiting, listening to RR complain that if I had let him drive us, we wouldn’t be waiting, we’d be making headway on actually getting there.  *sigh*

5.  Missing my furkids.  ;o)

6.  Hotel beds – seriously.  It’s like sleeping on a freaking piece of plywood.  ugh.

7.  Did I mention the germs?  Oh good so I don’t need to explain this one.  Hotel bathrooms.  *shudder*  (yes, I pack Lysol.  What?! at least I don’t pack my own sheets – and yes I know people that do.  ;op)

8.  Packing.  I always manage to forget SOMETHING.

9.  Weird hotel TVs that go back to the ‘home channel’ when you shut them off – and that channel always ends up being the local version of Fox so when you turn on the TV in the morning you get to watch Fox news for 5 minutes before you realize the zombies have begun trying to eat your brain.

10.  When the thing I forgot to pack was the knitting/spinning project I REALLY wanted to work on instead of the crap I actually brought with me.  ;op

Okay that’s it – what are your 10 reasons you hate to travel?

p.s. I forgot to put a link to a Sherman Heel tutorial in yesterday’s post so…here it is!