No ECF this week…

…this week, we have sadness.  :o(

I did not have time to post an ECF photo this week because there was a large structure fire in our area.  R, as you know, is on the Fire Department and I, as you may not know, am involved in the Auxiliary.  Because of that, we spent 14 hours on Friday watching this happen:

Egremont Inn Fire

Here is a link to the TV news coverage and to the local newspaper story.

Unfortunately, it was a total loss but thankfully, no one was hurt.  We had amazing support from surrounding departments, including a neighboring town’s support team who kept the guys hydrated and fed at the scene all day and local businesses who donated food, coffee and in one case a gift card to purchase whatever we needed to make sandwiches.

R just had to go back down to the scene because of a rekindle (the 2nd one since last night).  Me? …I’m going back to bed.