Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the positive thinking.

Knitted Love

This week, Ten on Tuesday is supposed to be 10 New Years Resolutions. Every time I have a resolution, I break it. I just can’t do it. So, since I like to recognize my limitations and work within them, I’m going to list 10 Things I’d Like to Accomplish Next Year. (yes, I know it’s pretty much the same thing only called something different. I’m not dumb, just …limited. ;op)

So, in no particular order:

1. Get married.

2. Lose a few pounds so I don’t have to wear two pairs of spanx to cram myself fit into my wedding dress. *puts down cookie* Ahem.

3. Knit a pair of socks from my ‘2009 Personal Sock Club’ (yep, I didn’t forget that little undertaking – and I suppose I should rename it to something catchy like, my ‘whenever-I-finally-have-time-to-knit-them-even-if-it’s-2035 Sock Club’)

4. Expand my Stitched line of bags. ;o)

5. Knit something for my wedding…or find someone who loves me who is willing to knit something for me for my wedding. (I’ve been trying to explain to the non-knitters in my life that a hand-knit lace shawl IS what I want as a veil, thankyouverymuch)

6. Not lose my mind trying to plan a wedding on an extremely limited budget. (so limited that I might be serving hot dogs. You have no idea.)

7. Knit something.

8. Try to find a way to manage my time so I can keep up with all you prolific bloggers AND write in my own blog AND clean my house AND knit AND sew AND…and…and. Yeah.

9. Did I mention knit something?

10. How about get married? Did I mention that?!

So that’s my list for this week, how about you? Anything you’d like to accomplish next year?