Mabelle (pronounced May-belle) is a Canadian Production Wheel.


She is a light brunette with intricate turnings who enjoys baths with Murphys, tight twist in her singles, low speed treadling and long evenings by the fire.

A single's eye view...

She made her home in Canandaigua, NY but when her former partner passed on, she decided to become a Massachusetts resident.  (yes, she also leans to the left and is just as appalled as her new partner at the R following the name of the newly elected Senator from our fair Commonwealth)


Currently she is making friends with her new sisters, Amelia and Emma, and is attempting to charm them into not being jealous of all the attention she’s been getting lately.

Mother of All

She has undergone some cosmetic surgery over the years however, she is looking forward to a full-body scrub in the Spring.

Flyer Assembly with my First Bobbin on the CPW

A high-fiber diet is a favorite, she tries to get about 6 ounces per day.

CPW and Symphony

Amelia is trying her best to not look intimidated.  ;o)

For those wondering where I came up with the name Mabelle – my Maternal Grandmother’s name on paper was Mabel.  However, her mother pronounced it in the French-Canadian style “May-Belle” and when searching for French names for my new wheel I came across the name Mabelle which, to me, fit perfectly.

Now, to find some sunshine so I can take pictures of the yarn she and I have made together…