A Fibery Day…

…was had by all.  ;o)

Recently my friend Tina hosted the 2nd Annual Stir-Crazy Stitch and Spin in Athens, NY.  The plan was to take over the Athens Cultural Center for the day, and take over we did.  There were easily 15 people in there when I got there, and more arrived soon after!

The drive over was beautiful – a clear, sunny day:

Catskill Mountains

I brought Mabelle, because I am a glutton for punishment and because I had a sherpa for the day (and a photographer, so you might even see a photo of ME in this post!).  I was spinning a Spunky Club fiber on her:

Spinning on Mabelle

Even Millie’s doggie Neula was having a lovely day, enjoying the sun:

Happy dog!

There was spinning:

Geri Spinning!

and more spinning:

Maeghan Spinning!

…and maybe some shopping:

The Bag of Bags

EVERYONE had to have a Stitched bag!

EVERYONE has a JessaLu Bag! ;o)

As the day passed, we formed a circle:

The 'inner circle'

R took the boy twin for a walk when he got bored (when they both got bored, hehe)

What are the rules again?

(so…uhm…Mom?  What are the rules again?  Trees are…okay? Or did you say *not* okay.  Ewpsies.  )

I may have helped out a fellow spinner with a bit of…*ahem* lubrication:

Passing around the lube...

and I think I can honestly say that everyone enjoyed themselves.  :o)  Next year?  I’ll bring a smaller wheel…though it was nice to hide behind Mabelle when I got a bit overwhelmed.  ;o)

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Happy Paddy’s day!  Didja have a Guinness?