Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the signs of Spring.

More Snowdrops!

This week, our fearless leader gave us the directive of 10 Signs of Spring so, without further delay:

1.  You start finding ticks on the dog (yeah I know, ew.)

2.  The snowdrops are popping up all over.

3.  The ‘water feature’ starts flowing again in the basement (we have a lovely stream down there every spring).

4.  The house is warm enough that you no longer have to get up at 4am to put more wood on the fire to keep from freezing to death in your sleep (when I say ‘you’ in our house, I mean ‘RR’, just to be clear).

5.  You start eyeing your stash closet trying to decide if you can cram any more yarn/fiber in there because festival season is right around the corner.

6.  Same with your wheel collection.  ;o)

7.  …and possibly your fabric collection.  *ahem*

8.  The light hits the corners of your room differently (because there is more of it) so you can see the cobwebs that have appeared there over the winter months.

9.  You go outside to find out what all the growling is about and see your two dogs fighting over a flower bulb that one of them (*cough* JAZZ *cough*) had just dug up from your garden. (what, this doesn’t happen at your house?)

10.  You find Cadbury Eggs at the store.  (this made my week, you have no idea.)

There’s my list!  Tell me, what signs of Spring have you been seeing?