…the one with all the pollen.

I’m really happy with this photo (I used a macro filter to get it) however, I’m having trouble seeing the flower for the pollen.  This has been a particularly brutal year for me (so far) where my allergies are concerned so you can’t really blame me, right?

So *that's* what's killing me

Thank you all again for your thoughts and virtual hugs, they helped a LOT – I’m doing a lot better though my heart still hurts (I’m not expecting that to stop anytime soon, unfortunately).

Also, I’m sorry for the radio silence for the past week, the tail end of tax season is always extra crazy around here because I always put off doing our own taxes to the bitter end.  I have a project that I finished up that will be getting a photo shoot this weekend so I’m hoping to be back in the blogging saddle for next week!

Have a great weekend!